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Skin Envy? 13 things people with flawless skin do daily

Waking up to a flawless skin can be easier than you think….if you live by a few simple steps that is. In fact, you are likely already doing some of them, you know the drill, drink plenty of water, get 9 hours of blissful sleep a night (yeah sure!), always wear your SPF and eat a whole lot of leafy veggies and fresh fruit, but what other things are women doing to ensure their best skin yet? From the products you really need in your skincare routine to a few lifestyle changes, here is the list of things people with flawless skin do every day;

They use the right products for their skin’s needs

First things first, it’s important to understand your skin and its specific needs so you purchase products accordingly. From dry, devitalised skin to an acne-prone complexion, sensitive skin to premature aging, we all have a skin type.  If you aren’t sure how to determine this, why not visit your local salon for a consultation, after all, achieving great skin is not about piling on the products, it’s about finding what will work best for you.

They address their skin’s needs daily

Just to confuse things, while we might be a particular skin type, our complexions can alter daily dependant on a number of factors; how much sleep we’ve had, how healthy or unhealthy we’ve been, whether we are hormonal, to name a few, so it’s important to address our skin’s needs every day and slightly adjust our skincare routine accordingly. I know what my skin needs and have my skincare routine down pat but some days I’ll change my serum from my Pevonia C Complex to a hyaluronic rich concentrate because I know my skin needs that extra burst of hydration (I am personally in love with Pevonia’s Age Correction Intensifier Collagen & Myoxy Caviar), or at night I might opt to add in a nurturing face oil if my skin is feeling a little dry and devitalised, like Pevonia’s Vitaminic Concentrate, my skin is always soft and glowy the morning after!

Beauty Collective - Pevonia Vitaminic Concentrate

They follow the double cleanse craze

The key to healthy skin is not only in your choice of skincare but in the way you remove the day’s build-up of grime and impurities too! Cleansing once will eradicate daily dirt and makeup, but if you double cleanse you’ll be ensuring your cleanest skin yet!

The double cleanse method works on the principle that you firstly use a cleansing oil (we LOVE the ELES Transformation Cleansing Oil) or micellar water (if you are a lover of micellar water you simply must try Vie Collection’s Micellar water for face, eyes and lips), they will break down makeup, SPF and sebum on the surface of your skin. Then follow with a water-based cleanser, which will clean much deeper into the pores, removing any remaining sweat, bacteria and dead skin cells. The deeper cleanse will also allow your serum and moisturiser, as well as other night time leave-on products, to penetrate into your skin working their magic much more efficiently, giving your skin cells the best chance at regenerating for a plumper more youthful complexion by morning!

Vie Collection - Micellar Water

They use a toner!

Our skin tends to be naturally acidic, but the alkaline in cleansers can alter this, meaning skin has to work overtime to restore its balance. By using a toner daily after cleansing, will not only ensure any remnants (if there are any after your double cleanse that is!) are removed from your face but it’ll also restore your pH balance of your skin.


They use serum daily

These anti-aging and targeted elixirs are an imperative step in your daily skincare routine! Apply before your moisturiser for more targeted results. To learn more about why you need a serum and the best anti-ageing serums for every skin type click here. 

Beauty Collective - Pevonia Myoxy Caviar Serum

They exfoliate once a week

A good weekly exfoliation will break up dead surface skin cells and reveal a fresh glowy complexion every time, just remember though, too much exfoliation can be counterproductive!

If your skin is a little on the sensitive side, exfoliation is still important just be sure to opt for a super gentle formula – we LOVE Pevonia’s Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, it gently polishes your skin with its unique creamy, granular texture. But if granules scare you, we also highly recommend Phytomer’s Vegetal Exfoliant with Natural Enzymes. It’s a soft exfoliant for even the most sensitive or rosacea prone skin and uses natural enzymes to encourage cell turnover without scrubbing or irritating your skin.

Phytomer Vegetal Exfoliant with natural enzymes

They understand what ingredients they need for their skin

It’s important to learn about your skin’s specific needs and then buy products to target those needs. By understanding what ingredients to look out for will honestly better your skin in the long run. To read about the top 5 ingredients as recommended by the experts click here.


They love a good facial massage

Giving yourself a weekly facial (or even better visiting your favourite salon or spa) can do wonders for your skin. It helps to not only release tension but also increase circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage for optimum skin detox.


They practice calming techniques

Stress is not only bad for your health but your skin too. Unfortunately, cortisol (the stress hormone) has the ability to break down collagen in the skin, the higher the stress, the more cortisol is produced and over time the skin’s ability to rebuild collagen will significantly decrease. So when you are feeling anxious or stressed try your hand at yoga or meditation or simply unwind to relaxation music.


They stay active

We all know exercise is of course great for our health and mental wellbeing but do we all practice what we preach? While exercise has been proven to help control weight, reduce risk of heart diseases, help our body manage blood sugar and insulin levels, decrease pain, and even delay the ageing of our cells! It can also improve our skin! This is because it helps to increase oxygen and blood flow to the skin. This neutralizes the free radicals that damage our skin. Exercise helps to cleanse the skin from the inside, which then radiates on the out!


They eat healthily

We’ve all heard of the saying we are what we eat right? Well what you ingest can definitely reflect on your skin. Just as you should look for specific ingredients to put on your face, make sure you eat specific ingredients too! For example blueberries are loaded with anthocyanins that strengthen the skin’s collagen matrix.


They stay out of the sun

We all know wearing SPF daily is a necessity but those who really look after their skin have been known to credit being sun savvy as helping to keep skin radiant. We are talking minimal direct sun exposure. They ensure sunnies and hats are worn religiously, some even carry an umbrella!

NB. The rays of the sun are an important source of vitamin D so it is still advisable to expose yourself to sunlight in the earlier hours of the day for at least 10 minutes.


They take vitamin c every day.

If you want to encourage flawless skin every day, ingesting vitamin c is a must (as is it to use topically!)

Vitamin C aids to prevent ageing signs as well as enhance overall complexion, increasing collagen production and generally brightening skin. Most will take a vitamin C supplement as well as eat vitamin c rich foods including citrus fruits, strawberries, pineapple, kale and kiwis!