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Q&A – MILIA: What are they and how do you get rid of them?

Here at Beauty Collective HQ we receive an abundance of skincare and makeup related questions daily, one however in particular we have been asked a lot lately – how to get rid of milia – a common problem after winter! For those of you who have had this problem in the past or are currently experiencing it, read on.

Often mistaken for whiteheads, milia are keratin-filled cysts that form just under the skin that look like little white bumps on the surface. Nicknamed ‘milk spots’, Milia is commonly associated with newborn babies, but they occur in adults too, don’t we just know it!

What causes milia?

Most commonly, they occur due to dead skin building up and getting trapped in the pores just under the skin’s surface. If the build-up doesn’t get expelled naturally, it can become a small cyst. This is called Primary Milia.

They most commonly occur around the eye area due to skincare used in this area not penetrating properly. Unlike skin on the rest of the face, the eye area has limited blood circulation to filter excess oil – therefore eye creams need to be very lightweight and easily absorbed.

The other type, Secondary Milia, looks similar to Primary Milia but develops when something clogs the sweat ducts. This is usually caused by some kind of skin trauma or infection, (such as laser treatments or chemical peels or even cold sores), or contributing lifestyle factors, including lack of sleep, smoking, poor personal hygiene, using oil-based beauty products in excess, and long-term steroid use.

Before considering treatment for milia, it’s worth noting that they can simply disappear on their own. Depending how deep the milia lay; they can naturally come to the surface of the skin after a few weeks or months.

Milia treatment options

First up, forget squeezing. This will only irritate and cause damage to the skin without being able to remove the problem.  Squeezing the bump with your bare fingers or nails is a big no, no! As is taking any tools to the milia. You don’t want to cause permanent damage to your skin!

Your best bet is to wait it out or take the pro route. Milia removal with a skincare professional usually requires an incision, especially when the cysts are deep below the skin’s surface, typically, it’s a quick and painless in-clinic procedure. Depending on the dermatologist or skin expert, they should be able to get rid of the milia using a lancing tool or needle. They will gently flick up the outer most surface of skin freeing the milia and enabling it wiggle it out like a tiny chalk ball. Sounds horribly satisfying!

Ways to prevent milia

As ever with skincare, prevention is better than cure (there’s no needles involved, for one), so try these suggestions if milia are a recurring concern for you.

  1. Thorough cleansing: Removing your make-up thoroughly before bed is vital, if you’re not already, try double cleansing in the evenings, particularly if you wear heavy make-up and/or live in a polluted area. The first cleanse removes your make-up, SPF and sebum (use something like an oil cleanser to melt make-up, we recommend the ELES Transformation Oil Cleanser), and the second – which is where your facial massage comes into play – should remove any further impurities and treat the skin.
  2. Acid exfoliation: Next up, know that regular exfoliation works wonders in preventing milia. Look for AHA and BHA acid exfoliators, a glycolic acid 5% or 10%+ and a salicylic 2% will suffice. Apply at least three times a week, paying special attention to areas of milia. Try: Pevonia Glycocides Cream or Vie Collection Glyco 10 on freshly cleansed skin in the evening.

If you have sensitive skin, or prefer manual exfoliation, try using a scrub three times a week such as the Phytomer Marine Scrub or Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. This way you’ll keep the dead skin cell build-up at bay and your pores tight and clean

  1. Retinols: Retinol is also very helpful for both fighting and preventing milia. This form of vitamin A assists skin cell turn over, allowing the milia to surface and preventing the build-up of dead cells leading to the cysts in the first place. Try: Medicalia Retinol Serum or L-Retinol Smoothing Cream, Pevonia Micro Retinol Serum, Pevonia Micro Retinol Cream or Vie Collection Retinopur Fluid.
  2. Choosing correct eye care: Skin under the eyes can be prone to puffiness if fluid builds up there, especially with aesthetic interventions which limit muscle movements [such as Botox] and lymph circulation. This, coupled with rich products loaded onto the thin skin with limited blood circulation is a recipe for clogging. Therefore, it’s vital to use lightweight eye creams, and ensure they penetrate effectively. Try: Pevonia “C” Evolutive Eye Gel or Vie Collection Chrono Eyes.
  3. Lifestyle choices: Finally, consider adopting lifestyle changes that can help prevent milia. For example, limiting your intake of cholesterol-rich foods (meat, eggs, etc), incorporating vitamin D supplementation, avoiding heavy oil-based skincare or make-up products and limiting sun exposure could all help.
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RUNWAY TO REALITY: The most sought after spring makeup trends decoded

Good bye winter, hello spring! And what better way to bring in the new season than with a makeup overhaul! From ‘lit-from-within’ skin to all out bronzed beauty, groomed brows to bright lips, we share our favourite four makeup trends straight off the runway and explain how you too can achieve these sought after looks this spring.

  1. “Lit-from-within” Glow

If your preference is minimal makeup on the daily then this will be the perfect trend for you to adopt! While luminous glowing skin is always on trend, the ‘lit-from-within’ glow is what’s creating all the hype this season. Simple to achieve, this look is all about skin first, makeup second – from skincare that’ll make up your complexion gleam, to makeup that’ll let your natural self shine through (we are talking freckles, beauty marks, the lot!)

Boost skin with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic to oxygenate and deeply nourish the skin from inside out. We recommend both the Vie Collection – Mesoforce Hydra Revitalizing Cream and Medicalia – “C” Serum with Oxyzomes. Add a drop of face oil to your foundation to amp up your skin’s natural glow. We are in love with the Phytomer – Rosee Soin Radiance Replenishing Oil. And softly highlight your forehead and cheekbones with a touch of liquid cream illuminator favoured by makeup artists over the classic powder highlighters. Try ELES Stick Illuminator for the perfect natural sheen.

  1. Brushed Brows

From the overdone insta-brow to the unkempt bushy brow, this season takes us on a different path – softly perfected brows. A fluffier, feathered texture achieved by brushing the hairs upward. We recommend using the ELES Precision Brow Pencil. Use the bush end to brush up your brows, then the pencil end to create hair light strokes to subtly fill in any sparse areas. Keep the rest of your makeup pretty low key so that your brows are the star!

  1. Bronzed Beauty

This season bronzer is back baby! After putting in on the back burner it returns with conviction! We are talking all out bronzed goddess. Reach for champagne gold and metallic hues and couple with bronzed illuminator and peachy eyes synonymous with tropical summer evenings. To achieve this look try the ELES Baked Bronzer in Sunbeam, the ELES Liquid Illuminator in Bronze and the ELES Mineral Matte Eyeshadow in Terra Peach.

  1. Loud Lips

We are talking bright highly pigmented lips. From corals to neon pinks to fiery reds, the bolder the better. Whatever ‘bright’ tickles your fancy it’ll be on trend so go on give it a go and breathe some life into your makeup bag and look! This season we are lusting after the new ELES Moisture Crème Lipstick in Sorbet.

Beauty Collective - Magnesium


It’s the latest big trend in the wellness industry – “topical magnesium” and according to medical studies, it can help you sleep better, feel less pain and a whole lot more!

My night routine usually involves brushing teeth, skin care, and massaging my feet with magnesium. Is that last step weird? Maybe — but totally worth it. Let’s talk about magnesium: It’s a mineral that’s crucial to the proper functioning of over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. And you probably aren’t getting enough of it: Studies show up to 75 percent of us aren’t!

So, should you be worried? Well, only if you want less stress, better sleep, stronger bones, more flexibility, less joint pain, less migraines, less constipation, a lot less anxiety and all of those 300 bodily reactions to be working properly.

But getting your daily dose of magnesium (you need approx. 400mg a day) doesn’t have to be another stress-inducing activity to check off your list every day. Boosting magnesium levels with supplements ensures you maintain a healthy, balanced body—however, traditional forms of magnesium supplementation can prove inconsistent in delivering active levels of magnesium into the body.

My new favourite way to get magnesium is transdermal, which means you get the good stuff right onto your largest organ, the skin. Every night before bed, I massage Pevonia Marine Magnesium onto my feet and rub it in. Then apply it to any areas of the body suffering aches and pain. It can tingle the first couple of times you apply, and you have the option to leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and wash it off, or just go to bed with it on. Read on below to see why we should all be doing this.


When you don’t get enough magnesium, melatonin can be thrown out of whack. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates your sleep. Another hormone dependent on magnesium? Serotonin, which relaxes the nervous system and makes you happy.


Magnesium reduces the build-up of lactic acid, which causes pain and tightness in muscles and joints. By alkalizing and restoring a proper pH balance it works in conjunction with other minerals in your body to help your muscles contract and relax and reduce inflammation in the joints.

Beauty Collective - Magnesium


Period cramps? You’re covered. You see, your muscles need magnesium to relax. Without it, you get a build-up of lactic acid, which causes cramping. For women, magnesium can reduce cramps, migraines and symptoms of PMS like bloating and moodiness. YES.


Magnesium also can help reduce the frequency of migraines. It’s often recommended for those who suffer from vestibular, ocular and common migraines.


Through a complicated process involving dozens of chemical processes, magnesium also plays a very important role in energy production. Low levels of magnesium contribute to the reduced production of certain enzymes and proteins that lead to fatigue and low energy.

If all that is not enough, it can also reduce leg cramps and twitching, is naturally detoxifying and provides relief from constipation.

I’ve only touched the surface of the benefits of magnesium massage, there are hundreds of benefits for overall wellness and it seems we keep discovering more.  So is it a fad or is it fab?  I know I won’t be giving it up anytime soon!

Natural Skincare Solutions – Introducing Pevonia

If you are unfamiliar with Pevonia, we want to remedy that! This professional skincare company opened its doors in 1991 as the first of its kind to develop a comprehensive line of skincare exclusively for the professional beauty industry. Each of the products are made from only the most exquisite all-natural ingredients, and Pevonia prides itself on being a cruelty-free company.

From anti-ageing to rosacea, acne to dry skin, eyes and lips and an easy to use regimen formulated just for men, Pevonia has developed an aesthetician-proven product line for every skin concern and what’s more some of these lines have been “firsts” in the industry including the Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Collection. Using plant stem cell technology, Pevonia developed a process to reverse not only the signs of aging, but also the skins aging cycle! Featuring an Intensive Cream, Serum, Foaming Cleanser and a Body Corrector, if you’re looking to combat age, this is the collection for you!

Looking to counteract wrinkles? Look no further than the Myoxy-Caviar® Collection. The elite collection of products, featuring a cleanser, lotion, serum, repair cream and eye contour is loaded with Caviar and vitamins to improve firmness and elasticity while effectively decreasing wrinkle breadth.

If you are suffering from rosacea, you must experience the RS2 collection. Formulated with some of the most nurturing and desensitising ingredients including French Rose, Licorice, and Green Tea, each of the four products in the collection – a cream, a concentrate, a gentle cleanser and a lotion – visibly reduces redness and blotchiness while soothing any irritations.

Has your skin lost its lustre and firmness? Then the Lumafirm collection will be your perfect solution. Restoring life and radiance back into your complexion, this line, comprising of a repair cream, eye contour and body moisturiser, has been designed to lift, firm, lighten, brighten and diminish dark circles.

Concerned about hyperpigmentation? Uneven skin texture? Ageing? Let me introduce Micro Retinol – An easy to use 4 step range to keep skin looking porcelain-smooth and youthfully radiant. Featuring exclusive Micro-Retinol technology, it allows immediate and easy absorption as well as targeted delivery within the deeper epidermal layers, rapidly re-stabilizing the skin’s normal function. It smooths wrinkles, “densifies” the skin, strengthens elasticity, increases moisture, evens skin tone and pigmentation, provides radiance and glow and rejuvenates overall skin appearance

And for men, Spa Care for HIM was developed to address the distinct differences of men’s skin. Precisely formulated, the range, comprising of a foaming cleanser, eye contour, face balm, shaving emulsion and after shaving balm, is effective in desensitizing the skin, soothing irritability, preventing folliculitis, smoothing wrinkles and rehydrating the skin.

This is just a brief introduction to some of the Pevonia exclusive product lines. Pevonia also features the Organic Essentials collection, the Power Repair® collection, the Problematic skin line as well as a complete spa body line. No matter what type of skin concerns you have, Pevonia has the products for you.