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The top 10 products on Beauty Collective – your reviews prove it!

Have you ever gone in search for something on the internet, only to feel overwhelmed with the options available! Yep, that is me ALL. THE. TIME. Whether it be party ideas for my kids, the perfect gift for a family member or the best beauty products to keep me looking youthful (although I don’t need to worry about that one now that I work at BC!)

Let’s be real, it’s great to have options, but sometimes you need a little more help in making a decision before hitting the ‘buy now’ button, especially if you can’t touch or try the item first.

Purchasing cosmetics, in particular, can be rather daunting. From face creams to anti-ageing serums, masks to makeup must-haves, it can be tricky to separate clever marketing from real results. But no longer do you have to fly blind, with the help of our Beauty Collective satisfied customers, you can read real, honest and trustworthy reviews with a click of a button!

So if you are on the search for that new bestseller or simply want to change up your skincare routine but don’t know where to start, you’ll find our top-rated products here!


ELES Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation

Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation

5/5 ★

“This is the best foundation I have ever used! Firstly, it’s mineral makeup so it doesn’t clog your skin. Secondly, the coverage is amazing and it makes your skin look and feel like velvet – honestly the best I have ever used. I have been using this for years and just love it. I get compliments on my makeup all the time.” Sia P (06/07/2019)


Pevonia Age Correction Marine Collagen Cream

Marine Collagen Cream

5/5 ★

“I absolutely love this cream. I bought the first pot at the recommendation of my beautician in Europe and I was afraid I may not be able to source it in Australia but I’m glad to say my fears were unfounded 🙂
It is a day cream and a night cream and it helps with puffiness, lines, blemishes, skin tone, you name it! Totally amazing ❤” Ana Hall (27/09/2019)


Pevonia Dry Oil Body Moisturiser

Dry Oil Body Moisturizer

5/5 ★

“This is amazing, I feel like I have been to a day spa when I put it on, luxury & pampering at home! It smells divine. Feels like silk, not too greasy goes on easy, love this product ;-)” Lisa Chawner (03/02/2019)


Pevonia Soothing Propolis Concentrate

5/5 ★

“This is the best product I’ve tried so far! I have skin problems on my face area in particular, doctors say its dermatitis, and I’ve tried many remedies before, but this concentrate is a miracle! It makes my skin look a lot nicer and it actually improved. I only used it for less than two weeks and I already see great results! I’m very glad I discovered this product!” Nina R (04/02/2015)


Phytomer Rosee Visage Toning Cleansing Lotion

Phytomer Rosee Visage Toning Cleansing Lotion

5/5 ★

“Holy Grail Toner! I have tried so many toners at basically every price point and this toner is my all-time favourite. There’s just something in this toner that truly leaves my skin better for use. Even after it dries off my skin does not feel tight or dry. If you’re in the market for a new toner I highly recommend giving this one a try.” Barbara (10/11/2018)




5/5 ★

“I have used a few BB creams before and this one by ELES is by far the best. A little bit goes a long way and the coverage is great. I wear it as a foundation and it looks really natural. I love it!” Jennifer Arnold (30/05/2019)


Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

5/5 ★

“I love this cleanser! I have never been able to exfoliate with anything else as it has just been too harsh for my skin. This gentle exfoliating cleansers is exactly that! Leaves my skin feeling beautiful and soft and definitely makes a noticeable difference in my texture. I use once a week and it has been a game changer for my skin.” Stacey Harrison (23/09/2019)


Phytomer Vegetal Exfoliant with natural enzymes


“I have the most sensitive skin, so I can’t use those exfoliants that contain microbeads or scrubs…this is a great alternative. It sloughs off all of the dead skin cells without ever irritating my skin! I use it once a week at the minimum, and it keeps my face glowing and smooth. It’s the most wonderful exfoliant ever!” Sarah R (29/11/2018)


Phytomer Oligoforce Soothing Enforcement Serum with Oligomer


“I am completely obsessed with this product. I have very sensitive skin that breaks out from everything, so keeping it hydrated and clear at the same time has been a real struggle. UNTIL NOW. This serum hydrates my skin, tames the redness and sensitivity and gives me a natural glow. I use it morning and night under my moisturizer.” Sophie R (30/11/2018)


Phytomer Perfect Visage Gentle Cleansing Milk

Phytomer Perfect Visage Gentle Cleansing Milk


5/5 ★

“I have oily/acne prone skin and this cleanser works wonders removing makeup, oil, and impurities. It leaves my skin feeling amazing! Breakouts have subsided and my skin is looking better and better!” Imogen (27/10/2018)




Highlighter like a pro

How to Apply Highlighter like a Pro

Whether you want dewy skin or a super-shimmery glow, here is everything you need to know about applying your highlighter like a professional.

Firstly though, it’s important to remember; less is more.  It only takes one swipe too many to go from a my-skin-but-better kind of glow to being schnitzelled in glitter!

Follow these five steps to avoid the latter:

1 – Prep Your Skin

The reason we use highlighting is to make our skin look healthy and glowy – as if you just came out of a yoga class and downed a litre or two of water.  So the most important step in achieving healthy, hydrated skin is with great skin prep.  Don’t panic, you don’t need to do a 10-Step Korean Skin Routine.  Keep it simple; cleanse your face, exfoliate with a gentle scrub, we love the Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser and then apply a hydrating moisturiser and sunscreen, skip the moisturiser if your sunscreen is a multi-tasking one such as the ELES Luminous Defence Brightening Day Protection 50. If you like to use a makeup primer pat on a thin layer of that too.

2 – Apply Your Foundation

Foundation is not a must and you may prefer to skip this step or apply a BB Cream, CC Cream, Tinted Moisturiser or even just a Concealer on the flaws.  Whatever your preference the goal is to even the skin tone out to your desired level.  If its evening and you want to amp up the glow then mix a few drops of a liquid highlighter into your base before applying it to your skin.  ELES Liquid Illuminator is ideal for this.  Finish by bouncing a damp Pro-Blender Sponge all over your skin, it’ll make your skin look fresh and dewy.

3 – Choose Your Highlighter Formula

Now that your base is set, you’re ready for the fun part…choosing your highlighter! Finding the right level of shimmer can be a little tricky though, so here are some pointers: A creamy highlighter can be applied before or after foundation. A powder formula, on the other hand, is better applied as the last step in your makeup routine.

Liquid highlighters are better for mixing with foundations or other bases, they have a tendency to break up the foundation underneath it during application.

Another consideration is the shade, is it warm or cool?  It’s imperative to find a good match if you want your highlighter to look natural, or simply go for a neutral shade that suits everyone such as the ELES Stick Illuminator.

4 – Pick the Right Highlighter Applicator

Choosing the right applicator depends on three things: the formula, the intensity you want, and where you are applying it. Generally creams and sticks are best applied with your fingers (the warmth of your hands helps to melt the product into the skin), while powders can be applied either with a brush or a sponge. For the lightest coverage, use a brush with thin, scattered bristles, like a fan brush. For more shimmer payoff, use a denser brush, like a tapered or stippling brush. And for the most pigment payoff, use a dampened beauty sponge. When applying the product in smaller areas (your lips, nose, or eyes), use a small, compact tool, like a pencil brush, for the most precise placement.

5 – Apply It to the High Points

Highlighting is basically the opposite of contouring. The goal here is to bring the high points of your face – the tops of your cheekbones, along your brow bones, the top of your cupid’s bow, and down the bridge of your nose forward and make them really stand out. Word of advice: Avoid your T-zone (your forehead, middle of your cheeks, and chin) since it’s naturally oily and prone to excess shine (any extra shimmer can bring you into 80’s territory). For larger areas, like your cheekbones, use your brush to sweep your highlighter in a windshield-wiper motion over the skin. If you prefer to use a sponge, you can dampen it with a setting spray and use it to bounce or press highlighter onto the skin. For smaller spaces, like the inner corners of your eyes, your cupid’s bow, and the tip of your nose, use your small pointed brush to press the product exactly where you want it, and blend it out with your finger.


beauty collective - 60 second cleansing

Can Cleansing Your Face for a Full 60 Seconds Give You Amazing Skin? I Tried It

It’s called the 60-second rule, and the internet is OBSESSED with it.

As someone who is never completely satisfied with my skin’s texture, I live in hopes of one day finding a technique or product that miraculously makes my pores disappear. So when I stumbled on something called the 60-second rule – a simple method of washing your face for a full 60 seconds (instead of your usual, 10-20) to get beautiful skin – I couldn’t wait to get into the bathroom and get started.  This could be the answer to my skin prayers!

The 60-Second Rule

The cleansing method comes from Nayamka Roberts-Smith of LABeautyologist, a beauty therapist who frequently tells her 43,000 Twitter followers to wash their face for 60 seconds straight to let the cleanser ingredients really penetrate the skin.

“Cleansing your face for 60 seconds allows the ingredients in the cleanser to actually work.  Most ppl wash their face for like 15 seconds max.  It softens the skin & dissolves sebum blockages better…

Makeup, dirt, and oil are a lot more difficult to remove from the skin most people realize, so not only do you want to give the cleanser a chance to break down and dissolve products and grime, but taking 60 seconds also makes you pay attention to your skin and what you’re doing—like remembering to cleanse around the edges of your nose, under your chin, and around your hairline.”

Ok, like me you may think this sounds pretty obvious, however, according to those that have tried it, it’s a bit of a game changer. So much so, that it’s earned the hashtag #60secondrule and a huge following of devotees who swear by it.

…So I Tested the Theory

Firstly I should tell you, I’m a firm believer in double cleansing (i.e. first using an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and grime, then using a gentle cleanser to deep cleanse the skin), so I decided to split the difference in timing to 30 seconds each cleanse.

I gently massaged my face with a pump of my favourite ELES Transformation Cleansing Oil for 30 seconds, before rinsing and then massaging the Phytomer Souffle Marin Cleansing Foaming Cream for an additional 30 seconds and rinsing again.  I followed this with my usual skin care routine being careful not to change anything so I’d get a true gauge.

The first thing I noticed is that 60 seconds felt like an eternity: obviously I wasn’t spending enough time making sure every part of my face was makeup-free when I did my cleansing thing. The second thing I noticed was my moisturiser seemed to penetrate easier.

So for two weeks, I performed the 60-second rule every night.

The results?

I did see a difference.  My pores were much smaller, my skin felt a lot softer and strangely it also felt firmer.  It was calmer and brighter and I found I didn’t need to wear foundation during the day, just a little concealer.  It cost me nothing except an extra 50 seconds each day so yes, I’ll keep it up.

But Will It Work for Everyone?

Possibly, and possibly not.  It can certainly give you softer skin as long as you use the right cleanser. It can also give you a bit of a glow since it’ll stimulate circulation. But sadly you won’t be able to wash away your hormones, or DNA, or any of your other acne-causing triggers.

However, the 60-second rule could actually benefit your skin by making it cleaner. Left-on makeup will disrupt your skin barrier over time and this can lead to dryness, irritation, and even breakouts. So taking that extra 50 seconds every day may actually make a huge difference in your skin.

Regardless, this is one of those tricks that really can’t hurt to test out, because let’s face it, you have nothing to lose except 60 seconds.

Do you have the right cleanser for your skin type? Here are some of our favourites;

Medicalia Gentle Cleanserit’s so gentle and soothing!

Pevonia Hydrating Cleanserloaded with Collagen and Elastin

Phytomer Souffle Marin Cleansing Foaming Creamthe gentlest wash off cleanser you’ll ever try.

ELES Transformation Cleansing Oil Ideal as a pre-cleanse makeup remover, literally dissolves it!

60 second rule recomended products

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ELES Age Defying BB Cream 30

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