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Dermatologists Share Their Advice for Great Skin

Here at Beauty Collective HQ, we constantly receive a smorgasbord of questions from our customers, and while we are brimming with great tips, rituals and product recommendations, we too often seek advice from our esteemed suppliers and dermatologists alike. To learn about the skin-care tips these pros live by, read on…

Use any downtime to do a skin treatment

I keep extra beauty treatments in my car in a little bag. When I’m in bad traffic (at a red light of course), I apply serum, an eye mask, teeth whitening strips, eyebrow gel, and more!” -Francesca Fusco, dermatologist.

Ok, while we don’t recommend performing facials when in the car! We do agree that having the right products in the right places (think by the bed or by the hand basin) may encourage you to apply some of those products we often forget such as a good anti-ageing hand cream and a gorgeous eye and lip balm.   We love Phytomer – Oleocreme Ultra-Nourishing Hand Cream for a daily dose of hydrating marine oils.

Practice a facial massage to fight wrinkles

Many people (myself included) frown and scrunch their faces at night, leading to frown lines and crow’s feet. To relax my face, I do facial acupressure for a few minutes at bedtime. Press above your inner eyebrows, temples, and next to your nostrils, holding for 10 seconds each.” –Jessica Wu, dermatologist.

We agree there is nothing better for smoothing tension wrinkles than a soothing massage and we are all addicted to the Rosee Soin from Phytomer.  It’s a heavenly dry oil that rejuvenates your skin, calms your senses and leaves skin super soft and hydrated.  A few drops massaged onto a cleansed skin at night (you can do this while watching your favourite TV series) will smooth out any stress lines you’ve earned that day.

Hydrate your skin from the inside out—and outside in

Despite what you hear all the time, the amount of water you drink daily doesn’t translate into proper skin hydration. It’s vital to hydrate your skin from the outside in with serums, creams, and hydrating mists.” –Dendy Engelman, dermatologist.

It’s very true and never so true as in Winter when artificial heating and a more sedentary lifestyle can leave our skin parched and thirsty.  Our go-to for deep hydration is the Vie Collection – Wrinkle Dimension Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate.  It attracts and binds water to the skin keeping it super soft and super supple. The perfect skin drink.

Avoid hot showers that can be drying

I never wash my face with hot water–it is too harsh. Only tepid water at the sink.” -Elizabeth Tanzi, clinical professor of dermatology.

Gentle cleansing of the skin with warm (not hot) water is not only better for managing your skin’s natural pH but will also prevent moisture loss on a grand scale.  To remove makeup and the days grime at night we all reach for the ELES – Transformation Cleansing Oil.  It emulsifies foundation and binds impurities that can be washed away in water and leaves the skin balanced and soft and ready for your serums and creams.

Apply sunscreen to your neck, chest, and hands first

Apply sunscreen to the neck, chest, and hands before the face–these areas age faster and are harder to improve than the face. We often forget to apply sunscreen there even though they’re exposed as much as the face.” –Doris Day, dermatologist.

We absolutely agree with this one!  Sunscreen is your bestie when it comes to anti-ageing skin care.  Our favourite is the Medicalia – Sunscreen SPF 30.  It’s lightweight and totally reliable and comes in a generous 150ml tube so there’s no excuse for leaving out your neck, chest and hands!

Don’t ever rub your eyes

If you rub your eyes like you are scrubbing a pot, your eyes will look black like a pot! When you’re taking off eye makeup, gently wipe off mascara as if you’re touching an egg.” –Jeanine Downie, dermatologist.

Very true and we agree that a good product to remove your eye makeup will mean you don’t have to rub, it will do all the work for you!  Our go-to is Phytomer – Micellar Water Eye Makeup Removal Solution.  It’s strong enough to remove waterproof makeup but gentle enough for even the most sensitive eyes.

Let your lips guide your skin care routine.

One tip to know when your skin is ready for seriously creamy moisturizers: Your lips feel dry first, so you know the humidity has dropped, and it’s time for more moisture.” –Ellen Marmur, dermatologist.

Lips are a great indicator for hydration levels and we look after ours with Phytomer – Youth Contour Reviving Wrinkle Correction Cream –Eye and Lip.  Not only does this wonderful multi-tasker protect our precious lips but also our delicate eye contours.

Check the menu for skin-saving fatty acids

Your diet has a huge impact on your skin. Avoid starchy vegetables and refined carbohydrates like white bread and rice and instead opt for foods high in omega 3’s and fatty acids like avocados and salmon to help give you that youthful glow.” –Whitney Bowe, dermatologist.

Fatty Acids are also a great addition to topical skin care and Phytomer – Hydracontinue Radiance Energizing Cream contains Buckthorn Pulp extract which is super-rich in Omega-7, a very rare essential fatty acid that stimulates cell metabolism and increases cell vitality.