Insta worthy skin

Six steps to insta-worthy skin

It was only the other day that I discovered the secret to so many of my friends looking forever young on their social media pages, yet looking less, should I say, spritely in person; Makeup Apps or ‘facetuning’ as it’s otherwise known. Sure they’ve been around for a long while, but what I didn’t know, until now, was just how advanced the apps are and how dramatically they can change both the look and tone of your face and skin! The thing is when I gave it a go, I realised just how fake I really did look! Why pretend to be something I’m not when I can actually create the illusion of younger, airbrushed skin in a few simple steps, using only a few makeup items?

Let’s face it, we do all want to look younger than our years. We all want that perfect skin with little or no evidence of makeup. Well, we are here to tell you how to get it and look completely natural at the same time!


Step one: THE PREP

If you want to compete with an airbrushing app you’ve got to prep your skin correctly before reaching for your foundation!

Firstly ensure you cleanse your skin thoroughly to remove any remnants of makeup and oil, then gently exfoliate to slough away those dead skin cells – remember you want a smooth, even surface to apply the perfect base, plus removing any unwanted dry skin and clogged pores will also allow your serum and moisturiser to seep into skin allowing it to properly work its magic. Next apply your serum according to your skin’s specific needs, before layering with your chosen moisturiser. Moisturisers rich in hyaluronic acid will plump skin, providing the perfect cushioned effect.



When it comes to makeup application every makeup artist will tell you they swear by their tools.

Many might opt for a foundation brush, but we are in love with the Pro Blender Sponge when applying our base. Not only is the sponge strangely soothing on your skin, it provides a more flawless, natural-looking coverage without effort.

ELES Pro-Blender sponge



Now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. You might have a love for liquid foundations or maybe matte is your thing, but loaded with goji berries, minerals, vitamins and sun protection, we can’t recommend enough the ELES Age-Defying BB Cream as your go-to base. This wonder cream is an extension of your skincare, your primer and your base in one. Simply apply it all over your cleansed skin for the silkiest and most undetectable coverage ever!

ELES BB Cream 30


Nothing takes the years off more than a great under-eye concealer and the ELES Dual Action Concealer packed with collagen and vitamins C & E, not only conceals fine lines and dark circles, it smooths, brightens and treats them too! Apply beneath the eyes and pat into the skin to look as though you’ve just slept 10 hours.

ELES Dual Action Concealer



For that soft airbrushed finished to any base sweep the ELES Baked Finishing Powder in Diffused Light over skin. It’s the compact of miracles! The deeper tones in the powder enhance contours, while the highlight softly strobe and reflect away imperfections to make skin look professionally retouched and simply sublime every time!

ELES Baked finishing powder


For a pop of colour that looks fresh, dewy and youthful try ELES’s Baked Blush. It comes in six gorgeous shades that multi-task as blush, eye shadow and when applied with a damp brush
can even work as a matte lip colour!

ELES BAked Blush


The end result? Skin is left looking flawless – like a real-life insta-filter.