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#Trending makeup looks that’ll be hotter than the high temps this summer!

Whether you are a ‘minimal makeup look’ kind of girl, or bright and bold is your thing, the makeup trends this summer have something for all. So read on, take inspiration where you wish, as we count down our favourite four seasonal trends.


Less is more

This summer season it appears we are finally embracing the fact that wearing lots of makeup in humid, hot weather is not such a great look! And no it doesn’t mean you have to reveal a bare complexion it merely means keep it simple. Instead of applying the denser matte foundation you might opt for in the cooler months, reach for lightweight formulas, like a BB that’ll keep skin looking fresh and flawless, or a tinted moisturiser with SPF for natural, dewy skin. Couple with a sweep of bronzer (none of this heavy contouring malarkey) for the perfect subtle glow.

We (and so many of our customers) can’t get enough of the ELES Age-Defying BB Cream. Multi-faceted and benefit-packed, this innovative treatment cream primes, tints, nourishes, evens out skin tone, has an SPF of 30 and is oh so light and luxurious on the skin.


Bright Coral lips

And the brighter the better!

How pleased I am to see this trend taking centre stage once again! This time however the focus is on crème formulas, seeing matte shades playing second fiddle. Go bold and bright by adding lip liner to the mix.

We highly recommend ELES Moisture Crème Lipstick in Sorbet Natural for stand out luscious lips.

Moisture Creme Lipstick


Golden eyes

Stay subtle or go dramatic this summer with glamourous golden eyes. Pair heavy metallic lids in shades of gold and bronze from brow to lash line with bronze eyeliner and lashings of mascara.

We have a few shades to choose from so why not opt for the ELES Build your own shadow palette and select three eye shadow inserts to create the triple colour golden combo that’s perfect.

Hint: Give Gold Minx, Bronzite and Yellow Diamond a whirl.

Build your own Shadow Palette


Fun Liner looks

A subtle, easy and fun way to try new and creative makeup looks is by changing up your eyeliner and one trend that appears to be taking centre stage this summer is focusing on fun coloured liners. From small flicks to all-out cat’s eyes, try switching shades of black and browns to more stand out blues and greens.

To adopt this trend we recommend trying ELES Felt Tip Liner in Sapphire Sky and Emerald Isle.

Felt Tip Liner