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The dos and don’ts of cleansing your skin: 10 things you need to know now

It’s the first step to your skincare routine and the step which creates the foundation for all other skincare products that follow so nailing it is imperative! But many are under the false impression that cleansing involves a little soap, water, a 10-second lather and voila, all the days’ makeup and remnants are removed and your face is thoroughly cleansed and good to go. Oh, how wrong they are! Below we have outlined ten things you need to know about cleansing, follow these and you’re on the path to healthy, clear and radiant skin in next to no time!

DO work out what the right cleanser is for your skin type and stick to it

Finding a cleanser to target your particular skin concern is a game-changer, whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, aging skin or something in between there is a cleanser out there for everyone. But understanding the difference between cream and foaming gel cleansers will also stand you in good stead. Cream cleansers are typically gentle on the skin and more moisturising. Gel cleansers tend to provide a much deeper cleanse however as they foam they draw out oil, reduce excess oil production and as a result can be a little on the drying side so tend to work better for those with oily or combination skin types.

DON’T wash your face with hot water

No sireee, hot water can cause skin inflammation and irritation by upsetting the skin barrier function, stick to lukewarm water for best results.

DO cleanse your face both morning and night

A lot of us tend to skimp on the morning cleanse, after all, we removed the previous day’s makeup and grime the night before and all we’ve done is sleep, right? Correct! Alas what many don’t know is that while we sleep we still release impurities which wind up sitting on the surface of our skin, plus if you’re like me you would have layered your skin with goodies the night before so it’s important that any remnants are removed in the morning especially is you’ve applied potent ingredients like retinol or glycolic acid which can cause sun sensitivity.

DON’T forget to cleanse your chin and neck too!

Often forgotten (guilty as charged!) our jawline and neck are just as prone to dirt and grime as your face so make sure you pay them some cleansing attention too!

DO double cleanse

We’ve all heard of the saying “double cleanse” but is it really necessary? The simple answer is yes! But only in the evening as over-cleansing in the morning can result in the destruction of the skin’s barrier function. One cleanse at night will indeed remove the day’s makeup and grime but adding a second cleanse into your routine will work deeper, thoroughly cleansing pore and removing dead skin cells.

DON’T use a generic bar soap

These soaps can dramatically alter the natural pH balance of your skin which can send your skin into overdrive – think blemish breakout!

DO deep cleanse weekly

Introducing a deep exfoliating cleanse once a week can work wonders for your skin as it encourages cell turnover, ultimately resulting in brighter, more radiant skin.

DON’T use a flannel

Daily use of flannels or face cloths as many might call them, although popular can actually irritate the skin if they are too harsh (scrubbing can strip the skin of its natural protective barrier) plus they can foster bacteria if not washed meticulously every day which can lead to pesky pimples! Best to stick to your loyal fingertips to cleanse effectively with no erm side effects!

DO pat dry with a soft towel

Drying your face correctly after cleansing is important! Be sure not to rub your face with a “crispy” towel (yup we’ve all had those from time to time!) rubbing can actually age skin, be sure you just gently pat dry, pay particular attention to the delicate eye area.

DON’T be lazy and use just face wipes

Yes they are quick, easy and can be effective for some plus let’s face (pardon the pun!) it after a big night out quick and easy is what we want and hey at least you aren’t going to bed with your makeup on right? But it’s important to know that many face wipes contain alcohol and other harsh ingredients that will strip your skin.

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