Celebrity Makeup Artists reveal their best beauty hacks

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Celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee

Here at Beauty Collective, we are always bursting with great skincare tips and makeup tricks, but just like you, we love learning (and trailing) the beauty hacks from some of the world’s most renowned makeup artists. Curious to find out what our top 9 favourites are? Read on and use as you will!

  1. For flawless foundation coverage 

Oh, hail the BeautyBlender! “If you look in any makeup artist’s kit, it’s almost guaranteed you will find a BeautyBlender. This revolutionary makeup sponge’s shape allows you to reach every contour of your face. It is meant to be used damp, allowing for a flawless application and ensuring that makeup never looks heavy.” Liane Scior, Creator ELES Cosmetics 

  1. Mastering the under-eye concealer application

Warm your concealer on your hand before applying. “I swipe concealer onto the back of my hand first, then tap it on under the eyes,” Sir John says. “This thins out the consistency a little so it looks more lived-in, more like a second skin.” Sir John, Celebrity Makeup Artist to Beyoncé

  1. To perfect the natural looking glow

“Dip your make-up brush into a little bit of water before you apply highlighter to your face. The smooth, creamy formula glides across the skin like a liquid highlight but sets like a powder and captures the light beautifully. A gorgeous highlight can instantly lift dull looking skin for a natural looking glow!” Charlotte Tilbury, Celebrity Makeup Artist

What’s more, a damp brush ensures you won’t pick up too much product, it’ll simply create an effortless touch of shimmer, we know as we’ve given this a go!

  1. For natural looking brows

“Instead of brushing your brows up and away before you start filling them in, brush them down. When you fill in your brows this way, you’re able to clearly see the maximum shape of your eyebrow and the highest point of your arch. Try it this way and you’ll avoid the overdrawn, pencilled-in look”. Kate Lee, Celebrity Makeup Artist

  1. Achieving longer lasting mascara

“If your mascara is dried out, but not yet expired, add a few eye or saline drops into the tube and it’s ready to go again”. Rae Morris, World Renowned Makeup Artist and Author 

  1. No more under-eye mascara smudging

To clean up shadow fall out and mascara smudge under the eyes, “Use a plain sponge and makeup primer instead of makeup remover. This picks up the shadow and leaves the concealer.” Monika Blunder, Celebrity Makeup Artist 

  1. For the perfect lip application every time

“Apply a lip balm on while doing the rest of your make up, and when it comes time to do your lips, wipe it off and apply your lipstick as normal. It’s also not good to apply a layer of foundation on your lips before applying lipstick, or you’ll end up with a big ugly white crust around your mouth.” Rae Morris, World Renowned Makeup Artist and Author 

  1. For stand out lips

 “Any time I’m putting a bright lip on anyone, I always buff a little concealer around the mouth with a loose shadow brush, by doing this, the area around the mouth acts like a frame for your lipstick—really showcasing that colour and not letting it feather.” Kirin Bhatty, Celebrity Makeup Artist

  1. To settle and set your makeup

“To keep your skin looking like skin and not like makeup, finish with a mist. I always use a mist because it helps settle the makeup, making your skin look less makeupy.” Afton Williams, Film Makeup Artist