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Botox not an option right now? Natural alternatives that actually work!

Feel like you’ve aged 10 years in 8 weeks thanks to #isolife? Botox wearing off? The furrowed frown making a comeback? Every Botox and filler fan knows that injectables require regular maintenance but with cosmetic institutes and beauty salons still closed due to lockdown, your next appointment is likely looking a while away.

While there is no serum or moisturiser that can magically make wrinkles disappear in 10 days quite like Botox, there are homecare alternatives which do deliver smoother, firmer and plumper skin in next to no time, and what’s more, they are safer, natural and needle free!

So read on to discover our top four alternatives and worry about the return of the wrinkles no more!


Medicalia Retinol & “C” Care Cream

Aside from Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, Retinol has long been worshipped by beauty professionals as the hero ingredient in the fight against wrinkles! Some even say nothing fights the signs of ageing better! Designed to stimulate your skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid and collagen which depletes with age, as well as improve its overall texture, Medicalia’s Retinol & “C” Care Cream delivers potent retinol deep within the skin to enhance cellular performance. Micro Retinol micro particles, combined with anti-agers Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Elastin peptides tighten, revitalise, resurface and rehydrate skin!

“This is the best product for aging skin I have ever found.” Heather

Pevonia Power Repair Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Serum

Unfortunately as we age, our production of collagen (which keeps skin firm), elastin (which keeps skin supple) and hyaluronic acid (which keeps skin hydrated) decreases! This unique de-ageing serum features one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market (12%), combined with the powerful anti-ageing duo of marine collagen and Escutox® (Hibiscus Esculentus extract which relaxes harsh wrinkles similar to that of Botox), to deliver immediate skin soothing results and deep hydration. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin, apply it to a tired, lacklustre complexion for an instantly brighter, plumper and firmer face! You won’t be disappointed!

“I have just started using this serum and the results are already noticeable. My skin is so much more youthful! Smoother, plumper and visibly radiant! I couldn’t recommend more highly!!”  Marie C

Vie Collection Time Control Deep Wrinkles EGF Cream

Inspired by the professional benefits of EGF (Epidermal growth factor) injections to combat deep wrinkles, loss of elasticity and devitalization, this deeply nourishing cream – formulated with powerful cosmetic ingredients including EGF-like peptides and pro-collagen peptides – visibly reverses lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, lack of density and sagging of the face.

“I have been using this firming cream for a month now and I can honestly say it has reduced the appearance of even my deepest wrinkles! I was even asked if I’d had botox the other day! Winning!” – Anne K

Pevonia Myoxy-Caviar Timeless Repair Serum

Formulated with a high concentration of age-defying Caviar and Escutox® (Hibiscus Esculentus Blend) this standout serum immediately increases skins plumpness and softens and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Skin’s texture and elasticity is noticeably improved, resulting in a tighter, finer, resurfaced complexion and an unequivocal youthful radiance.

“I LOVE this stuff. Pricey yes but I noticed a dramatic decrease in my wrinkles as well as a smoother texture in a matter of weeks.” Tanya L

Beauty Collective - Pevonia Myoxy Caviar Serum