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These reviews will convince you that you need these products now!

We were talking about all the reasons we are obsessed with serums in our team zoom meeting last week, after all no routine is really complete without one right? It’s what takes a skincare routine from basic to professional after all. And available in so many options from anti-ageing to anti-acne, pigmentation to skin soothing serums, there really is an alternative for every skin type and concern.

We understand however, with so many options comes confusion – is the product worth the price tag? Will I really achieve the results I’m after if I invest? Which option is really the best for my skin? – So I asked a few of my team, as well as some of our loyal customers, for a review on their most loved serums. Read on to find out the reasons why these serums are their forever favourites and why you need them in your life too…


Beauty Collective - Pevonia Power Repair Collagen Myoxy Caviar Intensifier

Good for fine lines and dehydrated skin

“This is hands down a firm favourite of mine. I have a few serums in my beauty repertoire but if my skin is ever lacking lustre or is simply in desperate need of is surge of moisture, this is my go-to. It is formulated with a combination of THE best skincare ingredients including marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and caviar to deeply rehydrate my skin. I use it in conjunction with the Age Correction Marine Collagen Cream and the results are instantly noticeable! Smoother, more supple and radiant skin.”- Taryn Gray, Brand Coordinator, Beauty Collective


Beauty Collective - Pevonia Soothing Propolis

Good for sensitive or breakout prone skin

“I love this product, I bought it while i was pregnant and had severe hormonal acne and it seemed to calm, soothe and reduce the “angriness” of my skin! Since having baby I have continued to use this product and it has since reduced my pore size and also made my skin more evenly toned. It glides on smoothly when applying to skin and a little goes a very long way. So the price is only minuscule when you think about how long this product will last! I recommend to anyone who has skin problems as it also contains anti-microbial properties and antibacterial to keep those yukky breakouts to a minimum!”  – Melinda I, Beauty Collective customer


Beauty Collective - Pevonia Micro Retinol Serum

Good for uneven and sun damaged skin

“I’m completely in love with Pevonia’s Micro-Retinol line.  I noticed the most dramatic change to my skin and it just keeps getting better. My favourite product in the line is the Micro-Retinol Serum; it gives my skin a glow and seems to make the pores disappear. I’ve noticed a great improvement to firmness, moisture levels, skin texture and a reduction in hyper-pigmentation. What more could I want? I¹ve used many Retinol based products before but this is the line I find really works, and it feels and smells great too!” – Liane Scior, Director of Marketing & Education, Beauty Collective


Phytomer - Pionniere XMF Radiance Retexturing Serum

Good for lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity

“For many years my absolute can’t live without product was the Pevonia Marine Collagen Concentrate (I am still totally in LOVE with this product and use it all the time) but more recently I discovered Phytomer’s Pionniere XMF Radiance Retexturing Serum and have been blown away with the results.

It’s a luxurious, lightweight textured serum which feels amazing on application and leaves my skin smooth, soft, supple and visibly radiant (no jokes!) Also, I swear it has diminished some of my more noticeable fine lines in a matter of weeks. All hail this serum!” – Jo Boyden, PR & Marketing Manager, Beauty Collective

       Optimal C Complex

Good for photo damaged and lack-lustre skin

“This is a beautiful serum. You only requires two pumps and the coverage is excellent. Radiant looking skin instantaneously. Definitely worth the investment.” – Deborah W, Beauty Collective customer


Beauty Collective - Pevonia RS2 concentrate

Good for inflamed, sensitive and rosacea prone skin

“I have rosacea and recently had a severe break out with burning and irritation. I had been using the RS2 Gentle Cleanser and decided to take the leap and purchase the RS2 Gentle Concentrate. It was the best decision I’ve made. I applied the gel like lotion to my extremely irritated face and immediately the cooling began. Within just a few hours the irritation was gone and my face was clear with very little redness. This stuff is a miracle!!” – Kathy R, Beauty Collective customer


Beauty Collective - Pevonia Vitaminic Concentrate

Good for dry, dehydrated and environmentally damaged skin

“This serum is amazing on my dry skin. It is so nourishing and feels like you are getting a bucketful of vitamins directly on your skin and it soaks it right up. It has a delicious citrus smell which adds to the rich feeling. I use this at night after cleansing so my skin can recover overnight with all this goodness.” – Leonia S, Beauty Collective customer


Beauty Collective - Pevonia Micro Pores Serum
Good for large pores and oily skin

“This is a wonderful product, it does exactly what it says. It minimises large pores and reduces oily skin around my nose and cheeks. Highly recommend!” – Rhiannon K, Beauty Collective customer