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Let’s face it… we all want it! perfect skin with little or no evidence of makeup, 

Here’s how you get it!

Loaded with Goji Berries, Minerals, Vitamins and Sun
Protection this wonder base is your skin care, primer
and base in one. Simply apply to cleansed skin for the
silkiest and most undetectable coverage ever!

Nothing takes the years off more than a great
under-eye concealer, this one not only covers dark circles,
it treats them too! Apply beneath the eyes and pat into
the skin to look as though you’ve just slept 10 hours.

A palette full of miracles! Sweep over the skin for a soft
airbrushed finish to any base. Deeper tones enhance
contours, hightlight tones softly strobe and reflect away
imperfections, sublime skin every time!

For a pop of colour that looks fresh, dewy and youthful,
six gorgeous shades that multi-task as blush,
eye shadow and when applied with a damp brush
can even work as a matte lipcolour!


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Out of sight, out of mind: Concealer tips to be in the know…

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup makeup concealer tips.

  1. When using powder foundation apply Dual Action Concealer BEFORE. When using liquid foundation apply Dual Action Concealer AFTER foundation to allow concealer to set onto skin.
  2. For best results don’t rub Dual Action Concealer but gently pat onto skin and allow it to sink into skin.
  3. To avoid spreading bacteria, always work a little Dual Action Concealer onto your hand and apply with a fresh brush or fingertips onto skin. This will also slightly warm the product to easily work into skin.
  4. Don’t go overboard! A little concealer goes a long way especially when you gently pat into skin rather than rubbing over skin.
  5. When concealing large areas combine Dual Action Concealer with a little primer to make more fluid but keep the long lasting wear and beautiful coverage!

An Everyday Look You’ll Finish in 5 minutes

ELES Cosmetics Australia MIneral Makeup 5 minute look everydayWinter does make people look pale, but you can definitely have that natural pale face without looking sick.

Here’s how:

  1. Base. Use a BB Cream that perfectly matches your skin tone. Unlike foundation powder, BB Cream  provides your skin with a base that projects a more natural glow. A BB Cream with moisturiser, sun protection, primer and great coverage is a good catch, like the ELES BB Cream 30.
  2. Contour. Define your face’s beautiful features by lightly contouring your face using the ELES Mineral Bronzer in Rio de Janeiro. Using a bronzer also adds a healthy, bronzed finish to your skin.
  3. Blush. We all have that signature blush that fits us well and we’ll hoard lots of it to keep up looking naturally fresh for many years. Meet every beauty blogger’s soulmate — The ELES Mineral Blush in Coral Sun — ready to give your skin a burst of sunshine on a cold winter day.
  4. Smoke it out. Your eyes alone can make a huge statement. Forgetting to have it made up can make you look years younger or like you just got out of your bed. Come looking lusciously pretty anywhere you go with the ELES Powderliner in Chocolate.
  5. Add volume. Lush lashes are always, always stunning and beautiful. Pick a mascara that’s hypoallergenic because it gets to the eye sac easily. Our Lush Mascara would be perfect.
  6. Color your pout. You need the perfect nude lipstick to get that natural look and that is because our lips’ colour may sometimes be uneven. Depending on the temperature, our lip colour changes and you certainly don’t want to look like you have super dark lips because of the winter cold. The ELES Micro-Nude is a shade you’ll love.

Keep these 6 must haves in your capsule makeup bag and always look
glowing and naturally healthy, anywhere you go.

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Which Eyeliner? Choosing the Right Liner for Your Look

We’ve got three types of eyeliner in our range, the Automatic Long Lasting Eyeliner, Liqui Liner and Powder Liner Pencil. While at first it might seem crazy to keep three eyeliners on hand, each one helps to achieve a certain look.
We’ve curated a few fierce liner looks and pin pointed exactly which product will help you achieve the looks.

Best For Smokey Eye
Mila Kunis is the queen of the smokey eye and she seems to get the subtle blending down pat. Our Powder Liner Pencil is the ultimate in creating the classic sexy smokey eye. It leaves a soft powdery finish that will last all day plus has a specially designed sponge tip end to diffuse and blend with.

Best for Winged Eyeliner
Cute The Hills star Lauren Conrad loves a winged eye! Use our Liqui Liner to create this look. The easy to use slim-lined flexible brush made with natural hair makes precise application a breeze while the waterproof formula will dry and set instantly!
EXPERT TIP: Having trouble getting your flicks just right? Take a little bit of stick tape and take some of the stick away by pressing and removing it on your hand then apply it just below the bottom of the eye cornering upwards. Use this to trace your flicks and remove once the eyeliner is dry. Easy!

Best for Everyday Definition
If you’re looking for an eyeliner to define the eyes without making a statement, look no further than the Automatic Long Lasting Eyeliner. It’s long-lasting, waterproof, preservative free, mineral oil-free and contains anti-oxidants and Vitamins C and E, making it the perfect pencil for every day use.

Which of these liner looks do you love most?