Beauty COllective - Spring ready

Spring ready? 5 body prep tips for the sunny season

Spring is finally here! Hallelujah! But the change of season does mean it’s time to get our bodies prepped for the warmer months ahead as it’s away with the heavy jumpers and long trousers and out with the skirts, shorts, and swimmers!

During the winter months many of us I’m sure have been guilty of neglecting our bodies just a little which includes not buffing, exfoliating or moisturising sufficiently. After all, we’ve been covered from head to toe for many months now, so skin texture is likely on the dry, scaley, and what’s for lack of a better word – lumpy side! Yes, that smooth, supple skin we once donned, may be a thing of the past but with a few key products and a little love, we can have it back to its former glory in next to no time.  So read on to find out what steps you need to take to perfect your body, and the products that really will work for you this season.


  1. Try dry body brushing

Ever tried dry body brushing? I’m a firm believer in it! But, in order to notice its impact on your skin, you need to do it daily.  Regular body brushing stimulates blood flow and circulation and helps the body detoxify itself. As a result, it helps to tighten the skin and reduce cellulite! Give it a whirl before you have a shower or bath by simply brushing your body in upward movements towards your heart.


  1. Give your skin a perfecting polish

Yes, it’s time to get your buffing cloth out, load it with a healthy dose of body scrub, and give your body a much needed and well-deserved skin polish! After all, a good old fashioned scrub is your ticket to smooth, spring skin.

Apply your scrub to wet skin (use warm water) and gently massage all over the body in a circular motion. Then rinse and clean thoroughly with gentle shower gel. By exfoliating the skin it will eliminate any dead skin cells as well as dry flakey skin, making way for silky smooth skin.

I’ve personally tried many a body scrub in my time but can not go past Pevonia’s Silky Skin Body Scrub. I’m not lying when I say after just one application my skin is so silky soft and smooth.

Pevonia Silky Skin Body Scrub

  1. Moisturise daily

Using a good body moisturiser, lotion on dry oil can help heal dry skin as well as protect it from seasonal factors. Applying your body cream after your shower or bath is the best time as your skin is still moist and the product is able to trap some of that water still on your body and use it to further hydrate your skin. Hands down my favourite body moisturiser (and a global best seller!) is Pevonia’s Dry Oil Body Moisturiser. It literally feels like silk on application, is not greasy at all (despite it being an ‘oil’) and absorbs immediately, quite literally nourishing every inch of your body. Formulated with Lavender and Chamomile the scent it heaven and it renders skin soft, supple with a healthy glow. This product does not disappoint, and the reviews speak for themselves.

If you are however more of a cream lover, I also highly recommend for spring Phytomer’s Oleocreme Ultra-moisturising Body Milk, its an ideal combination of the comfort of a cream and the lightness of a body milk, and its “anti-thirst” formula means it is super hydrating but not too rich! Plus it absorbs very quickly making way for smooth, visibly plumped skin.

Phytomer Oleocreme Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk


  1. Slather on the anti-cellulite cream

Truth be told while there is no ‘quick fix’ when it comes to cellulite, if you are armed with a good topical anti-cellulite treatment and are vigilant about its daily application, you can significantly reduce your cellulite’s appearance. After trialing many anti-cellulite creams in my time, my firm favourite is definitely Phytomer’s Resurfaslim Peel and Slim Cream, and for good reason. It took me about 10 days of religious application morning and night, to notice a real change in my skin. By 4 weeks I felt slimmer, and my cellulite had definitely reduced! Especially the appearance of dimpling around my upper thighs! I have my next bottle at the ready and can’t wait to see the results in a month’s time!

Phytomer - Resurfaslim Peel and Slim Cream


  1. Get your glow on

If you’ve neglected to exfoliate, moisturise and buff your body over the winter months I’m betting that your skin hasn’t had a tan for a while either. With the pins making an appearance once again it’s time to get your glow on with a good self-tanner! Just be sure to steer clear of spray and mousse self-tans though as these can be slightly drying for the skin. Instead, try a nourishing self-tanning cream. It will not only create that natural spring glow but also nourish your dry post-winter skin.

Try Phytomer’s Sun Radiance Self Tanning Cream, it’s white satin texture makes it so easy to apply without leaving any streaks, it quickly absorbs into the skin and within a few hours, you’ll have the most perfect long-lasting natural tan! I promise!

Phytomer Sun Radiance Self-Tanning Cream

Follow these steps and you’ll well and truly be beach body ready!