Beauty Collective - hyaluronic miracle serum

Why this miracle serum is worth the splurge

It’s one of the most talked about skincare ingredients around the globe, it’s the most recognised for intense hydration and when it comes to achieving supple, dewy skin it seriously delivers. I’m talking about every beauty professional’s anti-ageing hero; Hyaluronic Acid, and now it’s available in one of the highest concentrations on the beauty market thanks to the launch of Pevonia’s new Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Serum!

We understand the cost of having great skin, believe me! But no matter how much you covet a product there is always that niggling feeling is it really worth the price tag? Well in this case yes siree, the Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Serum really is!

Firstly, serums are worth investing in as they tend to perform above and beyond many regular skincare products, this is because they are developed with a higher concentration of targeted active ingredients, and you get better penetration of those ingredients too.

Secondly the purpose of a serum is to target a specific concern. Created to address the most common skincare concerns – both ageing and dehydration, Pevonia’s Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Serum delivers multiple benefits to the skin, so read on to discover what they are, why this serum is worth the spurge and what exactly Hyaluronic Acid is!

Beauty Collective - Pevonia Hydra Serum

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

When it comes to getting dewy, hydrated skin, few ingredients deliver the way hyaluronic acid does. Naturally occurring in our body, it holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water which means it attracts and holds on to moisture in skin cells, enabling skin to both feel and look hydrated and plump. However, our skin’s level of hyaluronic acid decreases with age, so if you want to ramp up hydration levels to maintain youthful skin, incorporating it into your skincare regime is a must!


Why Pevonia’s Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Serum?

This powerhouse product combats a multitude of skin concerns in one fell swoop including;

  1. It hydrates skin like no other

The ultimate for seriously thirsty skin, this serum eliminates dryness almost instantly as it quite literally blasts even the most dehydrated of complexions with a surge of moisture, maintaining surface hydration throughout the day.

  1. It plumps & firms

By adding moisture back into our skin, this serum immediately boosts skin’s suppleness. It also combats ageing in multiple ways thanks to its skin-plumping properties. Collagen and Hibiscus Esculentus help to plump and smooth wrinkles, while preventing the formation of future fine lines.

  1. It’s multi-tasking

Aside from deeply hydrating and plumping skin, this serum delivers short-term perks too! Thanks to its combination of skin loving ingredients as well as its ability to penetrate deep within the skin’s layers, it also counteracts dullness delivering a serious dewy glow.


In short after using this serum you should see smoother, less lined, more moisturised skin almost instantly! Your skin will feel plumper and softer too. With everyday use, fine lines and wrinkles will become less apparent, skin will maintain a soft, supple feel, as well as be much less prone to dryness and dehydration. Used as part of your daily skincare routine in combination with daily sun protection, this serum will naturally restore your skin’s ability to look younger!

Now who doesn’t want a bit of that in their lives right?