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10 makeup mistakes you could well be making

We are forever on the quest to achieving that perfect makeup look and hey experimenting on the way can be fun, but with the many tips and techniques being sold to us on the daily it’s hard to know if you’re acing your makeup or simply making mistakes. Well, we are here to help! Below are 10 of the most common makeup mistakes being made every day and how to well simply get it right!

  1. Pulling the area around your eye to make the perfect wing

Yes yes, even I used to do this and then I learnt how BAD it was for my eyes, think skin ageing and fine lines due to the breakdown of elasticity! And let’s not forget you can easily end up with a horribly uneven line. And so now this; I use a post-it note! Yes, you heard that right, however you could, in theory, use any piece of folded paper, card or similar to achieve the same effect. Now no more cotton buds and re-application, I nail the perfect winged eye every single day (love me a winged eye!)

  1. Applying your lippie to dry lips

This is a definite no no, as your lipstick won’t apply evenly, it’ll seep into your lip lines making your lips appear VERY dry and in some cases, they’ll even look a little on the crusty side, attractive right?! Instead, be sure to ‘prep’ your lips. Some people love to apply a little foundation to the lips as they believe it helps hold the lipstick in place for longer (much like the effect of a lip primer) but I personally think this dries out your lips even more! Instead, use a chapstick or lip balm and let it soak in. After a few minutes blot any excess and apply your favourite lipstick colour. See how it glides on effortlessly and evenly, will last longer and there won’t be a crusty lip in sight!

  1. Testing foundation shades on the back of your hand

Yes, many do this but are they walking away with the correct shade for their complexion? The back of your hands tends to be darker than the skin on your face so it’s best to trial a few shades on both your jawline and neck. Just remember though your face tends to get much more sun exposure than your neck so you really want to find a foundation shade that matches both areas when blended into the skin.

  1. Applying your makeup with the wrong tools

The key to natural-looking makeup lies in mastering the art of blending. Makeup that isn’t blended well can look heavy and imperfect. Get yourself armed with a few good brushes and a BeautyBlender, these tools will stand you in good stead and the beauty blender will enable you to reach every contour of your face. It is meant to be used damp, allowing for a flawless application and ensuring that makeup never looks heavy!

  1. Applying the wrong shade of eyeliner to your lower lash line

Let’s face it black is the most popular eyeliner shade on the market but is it a one size fits all? No! If like me, you have a light complexion and blonde hair it’s actually advisable to use a brown liner, at least on the bottom lash line. Black can end up looking quite harsh and instead of opening up your eyes (after all who doesn’t want large doll-like eyes!) it can make them look smaller. It’s also a great idea to follow with a nude pencil or what’s known as a Waterline Liner. This will help open up your eyes and make them look wider!

  1. Incorrect lip liner application

We all want to achieve bigger, luscious lips, but the worst thing you can do is draw a sharp line around your lips with lip liner to outline them. A lip liner is meant to define your lips, not just create a border around them! Instead, simply draw a soft outline and then use the lip liner to blend and fill in your lips, this will also act as an adhesive to help your lipstick stay in place for longer!

  1. Overloading on foundation powder 

Face powder, when used correctly and frugally can be a fantastic makeup staple (I have been I’m in love with the ELES Mineral Powder Foundation for years!) however, no matter your skin type, too much face powder can actually age you! That’s right, it can highlight fine lines and wrinkles instead of helping to conceal them! It’s best to use it sparingly – on your t-zone, or for quick touch-up’s, just make sure you opt for a lightweight powder!

  1. Sporting statement lips and dramatic eyeshadow together

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bold lip? But if you are sporting dramatic eyes keep your lips nude or neutral to balance things out. And if you’re feeling the statement lips vibe, keep your eye makeup natural. Experimenting with makeup colours can be so much fun but remember the “less is more” rule to avoid looking overdone!

  1. Applying your blush incorrectly

A blush applied correctly will help elongate your face, give you high cheekbones and make your face appear slimmer. However, apply it incorrectly and you could either wind up looking like a clown or someone suffering from rosacea. To nail it, using an angled blush brush, lightly apply a complementary shade of blush to the apples of your cheeks then sweep upwards towards your temples and ears.

  1. Forgetting a vital step – prepping your skin

If you haven’t prepped your skin with your faithful moisturiser before applying your foundation, chances are your skin will look and feel dry. Plus makeup tends to stick to dry areas on the skin making it appear patchy. It’ll even seep into fine lines and wrinkles accentuating them! For best results apply your moisturiser, wait five minutes for it so properly absorb and then move onto your foundation.