Disguise redness fast

Disguise redness fast – tips and tricks from the BC experts

Whether you suffer from rosacea, are prone to acne, or you are simply just over having a flushed face, you’ll be happy to know that it is possible to cover up nearly any skin imperfection with specific makeup. While adopting a tailored skincare routine is the best way to treat facial redness long-term, the right makeup will conceal your flaws fast, you just need to know what products to use and how to use them!

Many of us, when we think of concealing flaws, we think foundation, and the thicker the more likely to hide those imperfections right? But what we don’t often consider is that slathering on foundation can and will only exacerbate certain skin conditions. The less you apply to your skin the less likely it will react! So before making your makeup choices you’ll need to understand what type of facial redness you actually suffer from first, then by following these daily tips from the experts at BC, your redness will be corrected and concealed and your confidence boosted in minutes too!

  1. Identify your skin condition

Red, flushed and irritated skin can be attributed to a number of factors ranging from heat, alcohol, exercise or embarrassment to underlying skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, dermatitis and more. So your first port of call is to try and establish why you suffer from facial redness. This will then help you to select the right skincare and makeup products to best nurture and conceal your complexion.


  1. Get a clean start

Prior to commencing your makeup routine, make sure you cleanse and moisturise your face with appropriate products for your specific skin condition. Just remember though, as much as you think your skin might need that soothing surge of moisture, applying too much cream can overdose our skin with actives which can sensitize it. Take only the size of a pea and gently pat the product into the skin to allow it to absorb slowly.

If you have rosacea, Pevonia’s RS2 line is an absolute must! Specifically designed for those suffering from rosacea or skin conditions linked to rosacea, the RS2 Cleanser and RS2 Moisturiser will target those problems such as broken capillaries, persistent redness and congestion, desensitizing, soothing and decongesting skin.

Beauty Collective - RS2 line

For blemishes and breakouts we highly recommend Medicalia’s Clarifying Cleanser and Cream, as they work to effectively combat inflammation while controlling bacteria and acne lesions with Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Sorbitol, and other soothing and protective ingredients.

Beauty Collective - Medicalia C Care Cream

If it’s a flushed face we love Phytomer’s Accept Neutralizing Cleanser and Douceur Marine Velvety Soothing Cream. This dream team soothes skin without irritation and acts to reduce redness while calming the sensations of any burning or stinging. Phytomer’s Douceur Marine Velvety Soothing Cream also strengthens the skin’s natural defences against environmental aggression (climate, pollution, stress etc.).

Phytomer Accept Desensitizing Mask


  1. Apply an SPF

Applying a daily spf is a must. You already know your skin is sensitive, so overexposure to sunlight will only aggravate this, and remember even on cool, cloudy days it is possible for your skin to still burn.

If you have rosacea, we are in love with Medicalia’s Sunscreen SPF 30. Featuring an ultra-hydrating, non-comedogenic and light textured formula it delivers anti-irritation benefits, hydration, comfort and coolness to sensitive, hyperpigmented and allergy prone skin.

Medicalia Sunscreen SPF 30

For blemishes and breakouts we highly recommend Pevonia’s YouthRenew Tinted Cream SPF 30. Lightweight, age-defying and pore refining, it delivers instant radiance while effectively protecting your complexion.

Pevonia - YouthRenew Tinted Cream


If it’s a flushed face we suggest ELES Luminous Defence Brightening Day Protection 50.  Formulated with White Lotus Flower extract, it helps calm, repair and brighten skin.

ELES - Luminous Defence Brightening Day Protection 50


  1. Use a primer

A makeup primer will help ensure your makeup remains in place all day! And let’s face it we don’t be wanting that makeup to slide off our skin and reveal a flushed complexion or unruly blemishes at any point right? Plus wearing a primer also creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup therefore preventing any further irritation.

If you have rosacea, opt for ELES’s Retexturising Face Primer. The lightweight serum helps protect and condition sensitive skin, neutralize imperfections and give foundation a fault-free base.

ELES Retexturizing Face Primer

For blemishes and breakouts ELES’s Pore Perfecting Face Primer is a must-have! This light-textured, oil free face primer combats shine, absorbs excess oil, reduces the appearance of large open pores, promotes antiseptic properties and keeps foundation looking flawless!


ELES Pore Perfecting Face Primer

If it’s a flushed face we can’t get enough of ELES’s Retexture Crème Face Primer, it hydrates, soothes, calms and plumps skin with Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Chamomile Extract, Witch Hazel & Marigold.

ELES - Retexture Crème Face Primer


  1. Use the right tools

The way you apply your makeup is almost as important as the products you use.

We’ve all heard it before, touch your face with your hands and you’ll likely cause a breakout so it comes as no surprise that you might well have heard that it’s best not to use your fingers to apply your makeup since even the oil and bacteria on your fingers can irritate skin, also hand heat can add more warmth to an already warm, aggravated complexion. Instead use a damp Pro-blender! It is the least irritating way to apply your product and honestly provides the most effective results! Not only is the sponge strangely soothing on your skin, it provides a more natural-looking coverage. Makeup brushes are another option but just beware that the brush bristles can irritate your sensitive skin, therefore opt for brush bristles made from taklon, a “green” and allergy free synthetic fibre. Its smooth synthetic fibres do not absorb or trap pigment making it easy to keep clean!

ELES Pro-Blender sponge


  1. Less is more so keep makeup simple

If you have rosacea or are suffering from acne the likelihood is your foundation could be exacerbating your condition and wearing multiple products from concealer to foundation to blush to illuminator can cause over stimulation, so you need to choose wisely – there are a number of amazing products out there that actually work with your skin to correct it’s colour rather than just conceal it.

If you have rosacea, you don’t want to over stimulate the skin by using too many products! So reach for multi-tasking products that treat, prime, conceal and even tone in one.  We are talking about CC Creams. Unlike tinted moisturisers, foundations and even BB Creams, these miracle formulas are colour correcting.  So instead of applying a thick layer of opaque makeup to cover the redness, the ELES CC Cream’s Photonic Crystal Technology “offsets” redness, and other skin imperfections, subtly illuminating the skin.

ELES - CC Cream 20

For blemishes and breakouts excess oil production is a key cause of blemishes so oil-free formulas will be your best friend. Always apply your foundation first, then apply concealer to affected areas only. This will ensure a smoother even base and a more natural finish but be sure to keep every layer light though – the secret to successful makeup for blemish prone skin! Less product to block the skin causing heat! The ELES global best-seller – Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation will be your perfect pick, hypoallergenic and oil-free it allows your skin to breathe freely while providing the sunscreen and anti-oxidant protection ultrasensitive and reactive skin needs.

It’s also best to opt for a concealer with some yellow tones to help colour correct redness.

ELES Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15

If it’s a flushed face but neither of the above, you have a lot more flexibility with product choice. A CC Cream or Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation are still both great options, but if powder tends to be your go-to try the ELES Mineral Powder Foundation, a firm favourite of mine! The lightweight powder easily adjusts from sheer to richer, more opaque coverage as you build and is highly compatible with common skin sensitivities. It perfectly camouflages imperfections and facial redness and protects against ultraviolet damage too.

ELES - Mineral Powder Foundation

  1. Always remove makeup before bed

Sleeping with a face full of makeup can and will result in skin irritability and breakouts. Makeup not only traps dead skin cells it also blocks our pores and when pores are blocked the skin can’t breathe and therefore regenerate so make sure you commit to removing every inch of makeup before hitting the hay.