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“Big Guns” skin care products

Just a few miles from the gorgeous Manly Beach in Sydney, our Beauty Collective Head Office is full of high-tech dermaceutical solutions, from powerful medical-based skin care to advanced cellulite products.  And something you may not realise is that we are not just a retail supplier, we are one of Australia’s leading salon and spa suppliers and educators in the beauty industry.  So what do our team use on their skin and why are some products the universal favourites with us and our clients?  We share our “big guns” in the battle against skin ageing…

Medicalia L-Retinol Smoothing Cream

Medicalia L-Retinol Smoothing Cream

Formulated with Micro-Retinol® which works so much better than regular retinol, this fast-acting cream gives you astonishing visible results. It makes pores almost invisible, softens lines and wrinkles and fades hyperpigmentation.  It uses Biomimetic technology, which is a fancy way of saying that it goes through a process that makes the formula almost identical to the oils and moisture produced by your skin, so it literally melts into the skin.  Not a product to use year round as it has an exfoliating action and over-use can cause irritation, but perfect as a Winter treatment.  Just use a small quantity each night (or alternate nights if you find it too stimulating) and enjoy smoother skin for months after.Phytomer Pioneer XMF Cream

Phytomer Pioneer XMF Cream

There truly is no other cream on the market like this!  It has won numerous International awards and is Phytomer’s No 1 seller.  Often hailed as the professional version of Crème De La Mer. On the surface of the skin, it creates a biofilm for an instant smoothing effect and within the skin, it binds to the fibres in the dermis to densify them.  Imagine your face is a cushion and this cream is the extra stuffing!  We also are in love with the light silky texture of the cream, neither too rich or too light and the heavenly, soft aroma.Phytomer Celluli Attack

Phytomer Celluli Attack

Head and shoulders above the rest, this IS the best cellulite product on the market today.  Most cellulite products use Green Coffee Extract to stimulate lipolysis (breakdown of fats), this formula uses Pepper Slimactiv which is 8 times stronger.  And how is this for technology?   Pepper Slimactiv is incorporated in a vectorized capsule that propels at high speed to the fat cells, avoiding any loss of ingredient on the way and is also combined with a signal peptide that enables it to exclusively target adipocytes and attack them with more power. Take that Cellulite!  All you need to do is smooth it over cellulite areas, no need for massaging and within a month you begin to see results.  We should probably point out that Phytomer has been the undisputable leader of cellulite treatment products in Europe since 1994!

Vie Collection Chrono Eyes
Vie Collection Chrono Eyes

Not sure about you but at Beauty Collective, we believe products should be multi-functional.  So when we use an eye cream not only should it help prevent skin ageing it should also smooth fine lines, reduce dark circles and deal with unwanted eye puffiness.  When this product came onto the market we switched over to it with no loyalty at all to our previously adored eye products.  With a botox-like peptide to inhibit muscle action, low and high molecule hyaluronic which acts like a filler and vitamin C, B3 and Phytosterols to stimulate the circulation to deal with puffiness and dark circles can you really blame us?  Now the top seller in the Vie Collection line here in Oz we feel sure we are not biased.

Medicalia - Sunscreen SPF 30
Medicalia – Sunscreen SPF 30

Last but certainly not least the biggest seller in our skin care arsenal is the Medicala Sunscreen.  The MOST important anti-ageing product we should all be using is a broad spectrum (protects against both UVA and UVB rays) sunblock.  We have discovered the only reason some don’t use sunblock despite knowing how important it is, is because they can’t stand the texture or smell.  No more excuses, this feels like a lightweight moisturiser and smells divine.  It won’t make your eyes water or cause itchiness and it’s loaded with anti-ageing goodies.  Finally, it comes in a generous 150ml bottle!  Very slightly tinted (though most of the tint disappears once it’s absorbed) it leaves your skin looking smoother and calmer.  What’s not to love?