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5 makeup mistakes that make your skin look dull and lacklustre

You’re religiously using your skin brightening, Vitamin C packed serum, you’ve upped your weekly exercise regime, are drinking water like it’s going out of fashion and you’ve got super foods coming out of your ears, yet your skin is still looking dull and lifeless! Why?

If you’re one wearing lots of makeup every day, chances are you could be doing it wrong! Read on to learn of five makeup mistakes that can actually make skin look dull and lacklustre, and transform dreary skin to deliciously radiant!


#1 You are not prepping your skin correctly

Makeup needs as smooth a canvas as possible to apply flawlessly, so if your skin is covered with dead skin cells it’s not going to make for easy application! This is why weekly exfoliation followed by daily moisturising before putting on your makeup is a must! A good exfoliator you will remove any unwanted pesky dead cells, and dry flaky skin. Just be sure you leave it a few minutes after you’ve applied your moisturiser as the last thing you want is for your makeup to slide right back off your face!

Pevonia Soothing Sensitive Skin Cream


#2 You are wearing too much foundation

Makeup is meant to enhance, not mask your skin so we need to be mindful about the amount we apply! We get it, you’re having a bad skin day and those pesky pimples have reared their ugly head, or your skin is looking a little on the flushed side, but if you pile on the foundation in an attempt to hide those flaws, you can end up with a complexion that looks flat, heavy and lacklustre. So no matter what your skin type or condition don’t overdo it! Be sure to conceal only problem areas rather than slathering foundation all over. Opt for a translucent powder to eliminate shine or prep with a primer and follow with a skin care-infused foundation like ELES Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation. If your skin tends to be on the more dry side steer clear of powder as dry, powdered skin tends to look older, duller and drained! Instead opt for a multi-faceted base like the ELES Age Defying BB Cream 30. This benefit-packed, innovative treatment cream primes, tints, nourishes, evens out skin tone, and helps to strengthen and protect skin on contact. What’s more if has SPF 30 to shelter skin against UV rays.

ELES Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15


#3 You’re using the wrong colour for your complexion

Foundations have a tendency to turn grey if the shade applied is lighter than your natural skin colour. At times, some foundations can even react with the natural oils in your skin giving your complexion a somewhat ashy look! This is where a primer can be beneficial as it serves as a barrier between your skin and makeup and soaks up any excess unwanted oil!

Finding the perfection foundation shade according to your skin type can be tricky so it’s best to either seek assistance! Click here to understand what steps you need to take to find the foundation shade that’ll work best for you!


#4 You don’t use a blush

Lack of colour equals dull and lifeless skin especially in the cooler winter months. Blush is supposed to fake flushed cheeks and give your complexion a natural-looking rosy glow so be sure not to skip this vital step! Make sure you apply blush correctly though! Natural flushing occurs on the apples of your cheeks and a little below. It shouldn’t veer towards your nose or up to your temples! I am personally crazy about my blush and wear is all year around! My go-to is the ELES Baked Blush in Bouquet it adds a supple, rosy shimmer glow to my face and makes my cheek bones stand out!

ELES BAked Blush


#5 You skip highlighter

A girl can’t have enough glow, and if we are suffering from dullness, we could use all the help we can get! Even if skin is dry and lacklustre you can fake the appearance of a dewy complexion by applying a good highlighter or illuminator to your face, just be sure not to overdo it though! Simply apply to your brow bone, down the bridge of your nose and above your cheekbone and see it transform skin from dull to radiant. I love the ELES Stick illuminator, it honestly highlights my complexion like never before!

ELES Stick Illuminator