13 skincare mistakes habits that are ageing you

13 skincare habits that are ageing you

Let’s face it, we are all on the quest to radiant, youthful skin and many of us will invest both time and money perfecting our daily beauty routine, but there are still a number of mistakes or bad habits should I say, that we are likely doing daily that can and will make us look older than our years! Eek.

So read on to find out what they are, and if you are currently committing any of them, you know to stop now!

  1. Not updating your skincare as your skin changes

You might have been loyal to the same moisturiser for many years but sadly the skincare you’ve used in your 20’s really won’t cut it in your 30’s, 40’s and beyond. This is because as we age our skin’s needs dramatically change. Skin becomes thinner, drier, more sensitive, and loses elasticity as collagen and elastin start to deplete, while fine lines and wrinkles start to form. Therefore anti-ageing skincare rich in ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin C become essential. For more info on this read about the top 5 skincare ingredients as recommended by the experts and adjust your products accordingly.


  1. Going to bed with makeup on

Well here’s one you’ve heard many a time before! Right? From a few too many wines to being just plain old exhausted, sometimes it hard to peel yourself off your bed to go and remove your makeup but remove your makeup you must!

Cleansing your face especially at night to remove not only your makeup but any remnants of the days sweat, dirt and grime is imperative for healthy skin. Not removing your makeup means your skin is unable to regenerate effectively while you sleep, pores clog, and fatigue (ageing!) signs start to appear.  For a fantastic makeup remover which effectively melts away makeup and grime with minimum effort try Phytomer’s Doux Contour Eye and Lip Waterproof Makeup Remover. Combining the effectiveness of an oil (a trio of oils in fact) and the gentleness of a lotion, this ultra-hydrating makeup remover, eradicates even the most stubborn of lips and eye makeup fast!

To read more about sleeping in makeup and what it really does to our skin click here.

Phytomer - DOUX CONTOUR Eye And Lip Waterproof Makeup Remover


  1. Skipping on your moisturiser

It’s that time of the month and a few pesky pimples have reared their ugly head, or you are often prone to adult acne or simply suffer from oily skin, so think it best to lay off the moisturiser which must be exacerbating the issue right? Wrong.

While you are likely not alone in thinking lathering up on moisturiser seems counterproductive, everyone, no matter what your skin type or concern, needs to apply a moisturiser daily! This is because moisturiser maintains skin hydration throughout the day and therefore assists in fighting premature fine lines and wrinkles too. In fact, applying moisturiser will greatly reduce your chance of developing extreme dryness, skin sensitivity, or oiliness! Why? Dehydrated skin can lead to issues like inflammation, premature skin ageing, and even breakouts. When your skin becomes dry, your body responds by making more oil! And we all know excess oil can clog pores leading to more of those darn pesky pimples.

When searching for the right moisturiser for your skin type they do tend to be categorised by skin concern so you just need to research and find the right one for your skin’s needs. Just be sure to opt for lighter moisturisers by day, especially in the warmer months, and richer creams at night.

For oily skin types, we highly recommend Phytomer’s Oligopur Hydra Matifying Control Cream. It’s an ultra-light cream that controls oil and breakthrough shine throughout the day. No shine, no greasy feeling, no heaving feeling!

Phytomer - Oligopur Hydra-Matifying Control Cream

If your skin is prone to pimples try Phytomer Acnipure Blemish Solution Fluid, it’s a lightweight gel-cream that fights acne without clogging pores or irritating skin. It also helps eliminate shine, diminishes the appearance of blemishes, and prevents future breakouts!!

Acnipur Blemish Solution Fluid


  1. Wearing SPF only during the summer

Hands down the no. 1 contributor to skin ageing is skipping your SPF.

Yes, it’s easy to remember to apply it when you’re headed to the beach, or out and about on holiday, but so many of us skip this vital step in our everyday lives and not because we are necessarily lazy but because we don’t understand the long term affect not wearing it will have on our skin! Being exposed to UV rays will make your skin age quicker, creating fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, and more…Applying sunscreen daily all through the year will assist in keeping skin looking younger. Just remember the higher the factor the better especially in the warmer months.

Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen


  1. Thinking that the SPF in your makeup is enough to protect your skin

Unless your makeup has an SPF factor of 30 or above it’s unlikely to ward off premature ageing if worn alone. This is because the majority of makeup will protect against UVB rays but won’t block UVA rays which is what causes skin damage. Layering your skin with a high factor SPF moisturiser and then foundation will give you the best chance of maintaining skin’s youthful appearance, but if you are in love with your daily moisturiser which doesn’t contain sun protection, still use it and then apply a lightweight SPF like the ELES Luminous Defence Brightening Day Protection SPF 50. Not only does it protect skin against the sun’s harmful rays, it also helps prevent discolouration while diminishing existing dark spots and calming and brightening your complexion at the same time!

Still be sure you use a foundation with SPF for that extra protection and coverage though, as chances are when you apply sunscreen, you’ll skip vital spots that you won’t do with your foundation. The ELES best-selling Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF15 is an institution. It’s a silky, mineral-enriched liquid formula with broad spectrum sun protection that literally glides on to skin and sets to a soft powder finish. Loved by everyone who tries it you won’t be disappointed!

ELES Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15


  1. Focusing only on Wrinkles

While we are all concerned about fine lines and wrinkles as we age, dark spots and pigmentation can actually give our complexion a dull, devitalised and in turn much older appearance too! In fact, dark spots and uneven skin tone can make us look 10 years older! So if you suffer from hyperpigmentation ensure you introduce products specifically to help with this like concern. We promise it’ll positively impact your complexion and protect your skin too. Try Vie Collection’s Mela White Radiance Brightening Essense, a triple-action daily cream that effectively acts against dark spots, free radicals, and UV. The results will speak for themselves.

Vie Collection - Mela White Radiance Brightening Essence


  1. Rubbing Your Eyes

The area around your eyes is the most delicate on your face, fact. When we are tired it’s easy to fall into the trap of rubbing our eyes, or when applying eye makeup with precision. We’ve all been guilty of pulling at our eyes I’m sure, but tugging, rubbing or pulling at your eye area can cause tiny blood vessles to break resulting in dark circles that make you look tired All. Of. The. Time. Instead, start applying an anti-ageing eye cream morning and night pronto! I am currently loving Vie Collection’s Chrono Eyes Puffiness-Dark Circles Wrinkles Cream. It’s a beautifully fine cream enriched with moisturising ingredients to nourish the eye area while reversing puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles! Seriously!

Beauty Collective - Vie Collection Wrinkle Dimension Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate


  1. Ignoring Your Neck and decolletage

Oh, the forgotten area! And the area of your skin which can actually age you the most! Exposed to sunlight just as much as your face, if your neck and decolletage aren’t cared for daily or protected with SPF, they can end up crepey and wrinkly so much earlier than they should! Whatever you do for your face you should do for your neck and decolletage too.

There are neck and chest specific products you can use, I personally use Pevonia’s Age Correction Rapid Restore Neck and Chest religiously, it’s a 2 in 1 serum and cream which hydrates, nourishes refines and brightens skin for a more youthful appearance while smoothing wrinkles too! But there is also nothing wrong with using your daily moisturiser or a hydrating body cream instead! Just start doing it now!

Pevonia - Power Repair Rapid-Restore Neck & Chest


  1. Avoiding exfoliators

It’s not just fine lines and wrinkles that make you look older, having a dull uneven skin tone can easily add years to your face as well!

As we age our skin’s natural ability to shed dead cells declines, so without weekly exfoliation skin can become uneven, dull and lacklustre. This is why exfoliation is so imperative, and not a step that should be ignored. Many people are scared of exfoliation because they think their skin is too sensitive, and it will just aggravate an existing issue, but that’s where natural enzyme exfoliators can be the answer.

Phytomer's Vegetal Exfoliant with Natural Enzymes

Both Phytomer’s Vegetal Exfoliant with Natural Enzymes and Pevonia’s Enzymo Spherides Peeling Cream are formulated with natural enzymes which basically melt away dead cells so no scrubbing is needed.  Just remember removing dead skin cells helps your skin properly absorb moisturiser which in turn keeps fine lines and dehydration at bay, as well as brightening skins radiance. Now, who wouldn’t want that!!

Pevonia - Enzymo Spherides Peeling Cream


  1. Or simply going overboard with exfoliating

If you tend to sway the other way and love to exfoliate your skin a little too much i’m here to tell you stop it now! Over exfoliating can actually slow cell turnover, cause chronic skin irritation and inflammation which can lead to accelerated ageing. Stick to exfoliation once a week for the best results. If you ilke to use an exfoliator with grains or microbeads but skin tends to be a little on the sensitive side give Pevonia’s Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser a go. it’s great for those who love physical exfoliators with granules but want to steer clear of facial scrubs which could be a little harsh on the skin. It gently polishes your complexion with its unique creamy yet granular texture, formulated with jojoba beads, saponaria and chamomile, revealing a softer, smoother and brighter complexion every time! And in the month of September if you purchase Pevonia Vitamin C Complexe (the perfect  skin-brightening summer serum) you’ll receive a full size Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser for FREE


  1. Not drinking enough water

As I’m sitting here writing this, I can hold my hands up and say today so far I’ve only drunk 2 glasses of water when I should have in fact consumed at least a litre by now! Yes, it’s fact, water, or lack of should I say is a real skin ager!! And I know I must practice what a preach! The thing is I do, but some days I will admit it’s easy to forget! And when I do, I get cross with myself as I can see it in my skin! It’s drier, duller and devitalised. This is because drinking ‘enough’ water helps the body to flush out toxins while increasing blood flow to the skin which gives it an even tone and dewy appearance! And dewy skin equals youthful skin after all!

Not a huge fan of water? Try a good herbal tea instead.


  1. Extreme water temperatures

How many of us are guilty of indulging in a hot shower or simply washing our faces with water set to a high temp. But really for best and healthy results we should be washing with lukewarm water. This is because extreme water temperatures will strip healthy natural oils from your skin quickly, making it dry and therefore age much faster. Water that’s too hot can also dilate your capillaries leading to spider veins.


  1. Not getting enough sleep….when you could get more

If I had a dollar for every time I said to my husband I must get to bed early tonight because I need more sleep and am fed up of looking old and tired, I’d be a rich woman. While they say practice what you preach, I am a testament that not getting enough sleep (when I could indeed fit in another 1-2 hours a night (darn netflix!) literally does age you.

Poor sleep is quite literally to blame for premature ageing, dermatitis, eczema, acne, loss of collagen and more! Scary right? So let’s make a pact and try for that 8 hours + we really do need nightly.

Now be sure to follow our advice to be sure you slow down the signs of ageing naturally!